Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's time to start

Everytime I hear a song about TN, sit and think of all that I took for granted as I grew up there. It’s not like I didn’t do many of the TN adventures while living there, but I was young. I saw this with my parents eyes right beside me, and as a child I you believe what your parents believe and their beliefs become many reasons why you believe that way. I realized I never took much time to see my home state as an adult, while still living there. Don’t get me wrong though, I have drove up and down the interstates with Kaitlyn. We took off and drove out home state and saw the land on the beautiful summer days. We saw the TN weather on that day we were driving I 40 the day of the big Murfreesboro sudden tornado that destroyed many high priced homes, we saw the small counties and realized how big ours actually was. The time we visited Terra and Tamra we experienced a county high school football game, and saw a true small town deep in the holler and hills of TN. We drove to the mountains a few times just us too to visit Amanda and Allison. Those drives up there can kinda get scary, with the cinmi trucks taking over the roads and speeding past us on the curves. The mountains in Gatlinburg and Knoxville are truly beautiful. It is crazy how the state of TN changes from completely flat land on the west side to the hills of middle TN, where I grew up, and then in the west side the mountains towering over you. I have hundreds of friends from all over the state, and sometimes I just ponder and think about where they have grown up, around the state, and how each place are so similar but so different. Each small town is filled with the same drama and talk, each town has the southern accent that fills like home to me when I hear it. The kind words from a southern just fills my heart. Everyone talking about their christian faith, and seeing many people becoming Christains for the first time at almost all the churches big or small you pass. The sun rising over the hills in the morning and seeing the cattle graze on the hills is one of the most relaxing feelings you can come across. Seeing the cows laying down in the fields, you know rain is near, and you can then smell it. Driving around my home state, I just stare at the land, the green grass, the trees blowing in the wind, and the children playing at the park. To me even seeing the trailor parks and moible homes on the side of the roads make me feel like home. I feel sorry for those people that have to live this way, but you know what, the most important thing about most of their lives, is that they are happy. I live up here in this huge city full of so many opportunites and so much to do, and I complain about not being happy and having nothing to do in this fast paced environment, and those people living in the middle of a field have nothing but happiness in their lives. They don’t worry near as much as I do, or anyone else who is living like I do. They wake up the sound the birds singing, and the warmth of the sun coming through their windows, and they go to bed with a sky full of stars, enough stars that if they look long enough they can see the big dipper or even a falling star. The tractors on the sides of the roads are just a part of life. That successful farmer is proud of his tractor. My friends who have animals and train their horses, sheep, cattle, poultry are proud of their work with these animals.
The cities of TN are another factor, one that I did take for granted is in Memphis. After my 19 years of growing up in this beautiful state I still have never visited this city that is always talked about. I even have quite a few friends down there. One day yall, I will come visit Memphis, and you guys can show me around. You can show me Graceland, Beale street, and what ever else makes Memphis Memphis. Nashville on the other hand is my home. I know every little thing about Nashville. It is growing and changing so much everyday,and I can say that I am so proud of that, because there is a lot of talent in that city. Music City is becoming more and more successful everyday. I have never realized how important Nashville was to singers until I moved. I’m sitting here listening to country songs, and I hear Nashville in like every song I hear now a days, and I love it. I just say yep that’s my home. You can ask me anything about Nashville and I will give you a legit truthfull answer. I have had my time to experiement the city on my own, and I know people from everywhere. Cenntinneal Park with the paratheon is probably my favorite place. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because where the marathon starts each year, or the movie was filmed there, or the debate party. So much happens. The batman building is Nashville’s signature building. I remember being very small and always saying I want to go in that building and work there one day. Walking around Nashville is completely different than Chicago. People just don’t walk around Nashville like they do Chicago, unless you are walking around second avenue or broadway going to a bar or dancing. Oh the Opry. I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to attend an Grand Ole Opry show a few times and see Merl Haggard, and many other traditional stars like him. They are the hearts of country music. I could talk hours about country music as well as Nashville. One thing I definitely want to do is show my Northern friends Nashville. I want to show them the secrets beyond the city, just like they have showed me the state of IL.
TN is my home sweet home, and always will be. When I get homesick,which I have a lot this week, and that is why I felt like writing about everything that I missed, I think about why I am here. I here to fall in love with Chicago just as much as I have fallen in love with Nashville. I am here to meet new friends and show them where I am from, and them show me where they are from. I love traveling and opening up to see many new places. I will be in England next year for 13 weeks, and I know while I am there I will probably write a similar blog to this one, but not about me missing TN, but me missing the U.S. I makes me feel good to write about this stuff. I reminds me of how blessed I am for the friends that I have met along my journey, and the adventures I have taken. Also it reminds of all I have seen. Recently our RA asked us to write down a song that fits each of us. I had a lot of trouble deciding on the perfect song. I pondered over first should I pick a country or pop song, because there are so many that fit me. I finally decided on country, so then I couldn’t decide on which country song I should pick, because they all are perfect! Should it be Southern Voice, by Tim Mcgraw, Voices by Chris Young, a Martina song. I just couldn’t decide. I was frustrating at some attempt. I finally decided on “Everyday America” by Sugarland. This song is on the CD that I used to fall asleep too,and for a while Kaitlyn and I would talk about how each of these songs sound like us, and that we could listen to this stuff over and over again. The first lyrics of the song “Everyday America” are exactly my life. “Mamma had hope, and me and my sister couldn’t wait to get out” talking about living in a small town. No matter how hard it was to leave my mother alone when we left I knew she would make it through. She knew that she did not grow me up and teach me to be the person I am today, with out me not following my dreams, and taking each opportunity that comes my way. She is my inspiration in my life. We all still have our struggles, and times that we run to each other and cry all day, but no matter how far away we are, our love is always as strong as it has always been. My disputes with my dad’s side of the family have finally ended. I have been so upset for years with this, and never thought that it would heal, but my relationship with my dad is stronger than ever now. I can talk to him without getting mad, and I am happy for him. He calls me so many times a day, but I just smile because I know he misses us so much and is so sorry for the past, and I am sorry for the past that we had, but it’s all ok now. I hope and pray more than anything that my family will have peace. I see it coming all the time. It’s all part of the time that God allows in our lives. He never puts our life at a stand still, because there is too much to do and see no matter where you are at to have that feeling. Whether standing on top of a hill in a field in TN, or in the middle of a big city. This blog is really random at times, but it is the introduction to the blogging that I am going to start. I might be slow right now, and probably wont write but once a month or once every other month, but when I go to England I will be writing everyday. This is just the introduction of me. Enjoy and follow me as I experience life, and I hope that I am encouraging you all to do the same. Make time for a new experience. “The person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years, but the one with the richest experiencesLove yall Kacie