Monday, April 19, 2010

I won't give up!

I started listening this song and the lyrics go " I won't give up, I won't break down, and I will be strong even if it all goes wrong, and when I am standing in the dark I will believe that someone is watching over me" As I listened to this I began to cry, because this is exactly how I am living my life now. I have for too long broke down and gave up, and worried day to day on the little things. Recently I have said to myself, just go for it all, be yourself, and be true to yourself. Living this way has made me go each day with a smile. I am not afraid of life now. My dreams seem miles away, but I try not to live for the future anymore. I am living day by day and I know one day with hard work my dreams will come true. This is too everyone who is in college and has been through the time where you feel lost. I have had this feeling more than once this year, and has those times where I just broke down and cried in my room because I felt like I was accomplishing nothing and I was going no where with my life. I have been lost of who I am and there are times I feel like I am a lonely soul in this world. College is the time of your life that you find yourself. I am now finding that part of me. I have already realized that my career path is changing in ways I would have never imingined. It's crazy to see this happening, but I do feel like it is for the good. I won't give up! Sometimes right now I don't even know what I am giving up on. The goals seem to big to even come true, but hey, everything is possible. It takes determination, dedication, confidence and even friendship to make everything possible big or small!