Thursday, August 26, 2010

What to happen...

"Understand that it is ok to be scared or uncertain, however right beyond those barriers ultimately lies your dreams." - Josh Hinds

Moving away from home for a year has been one of the best experiences of my life. I wouldn't change that decision for anything right now. Doing this did make me realize what I took for granted here in TN. It made me think about what I really want to do in my life. I thought that I was the person who was the city girl, and live that fast pace life. It was so much fun while it lasted, but there were so many times that I said to myself I am not happy here and I see me accomplishing nothing. I would sit in my room trying to figure out what to do and I would end up doing nothing, and at the same time I would be missing out on so many opportunities in Nashville. I saw opportunity after opportunity fly by me and I could not take it, beacause I was 8 hours away sitting on my butt trying to find something to do.
I can not say that Naperville, IL is a bad place and I had a negative experience there, because I have had tons of fun there and met so many wonderful people. I have been home and complained about how much I miss it up there. I learned a lot about life there. To anyone who moves to a place you know nothing about it is an experience that will make you a stronger person. It is an opportunity that you can't be afraid to take. I can't express how scared I was when I moved, one because I had no idea the store names and lifestyle was going to be so different when I was still in the United States. God sends you places for reasons. There are so many lessons God has planned for your life, and I now am seeing the path that God has layed in front of my eyes. I understand why he sent me there. I needed to wake up and see the wonderful life that I had here in TN. It felt like I ran away from all my troubles and worries, and I come back and realize how much my family loves me and who my true friends are. I know a lot of people say this, but " It's funny how when you move away you realize who your true friends are." And that doesn't even matter how far you move away. My friends are not afraid of what people think of them. We are a group of individuals with big goals and a strong determination to make everything happen. I have done one thing, and that was moving away far from home, and understanding the way others live. I may be moving back to Nashville next year, but that is because I want to work for my TOWN. I am prouder than ever of where I am from now, and who says I won't move off again. I can't predicte the future. I'm about to take another step and that is living in England! All I can say is that I am learning by experience and I'm not afraid of what that future holds. I have my best friends here and my family by my side and if that is all I have I will be very happy.