Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Magical and Cold, but beautiful Ocean

When I go to a beach I feel free, I feel like all my worries and cares of the day are gone for a few hours. I was so excited to go to the coast of England. Kaitlyn and I had been asking all the British students we have met where the beach was. They told us there was one that was 20 minutes away. When we heard that we knew that there was no way we would miss the opportunity to go as many times as we could til our money got low. The first beach we found and heard about we went to. It was called Margate Beach. It was just a bus ride away. We caught the bus at the local Canterbury Station, and I was really happy to find out that the price was just five pounds for the entire trip. We could also buy a pass for 5.50 that meant we could get on and off the bus all day for that price. Our plan is to oneday do that, and just explore as many little towns we come to. We decided to go to Margate first just to check out the beach. The bus was really interseting, it was a double decker and we sat in the front on the top. Sitting up there with the big window in front of us was like riding a roller coaster. The bus driver was driving completely crazy. There were so many times I thought we were going to run over the cars in front of us. At one point we screamed because we thought we hit the car in front of us. The drive was gorgoeus. I had no idea we would drive through the countryside to get to the beach. It reminded me a lot of home. It was very open with rolling hills. The cows we saw were HUGE beef cows. I still get all confused on the roads how everything is backwards and they drive on the oppsite side in the car. I think I would be able to drive over here fine, but it would definately be another adventure!
Margate is a nice town. It is a little smaller than Canterbury and not as historic. There were many clubs and casnio life. It reminded me of Atlantic City with a Gatlinburg twist. It was more family like than Atlantic City, but so empty. When walking around I felt like I was in a movie. The town was so empty, but seems like it comes to life during the summer season. A lot of movies are filmed during off season at the beach and that is what it felt like. If I were filming a movie I would definately be filming it at Margate during that time. One part of the beach was under construction, but that didn't harm the beauty of the English Channel. We arrived in the morning so it was still low tide. I am so glad we came then, because we were able to find some shells. The shells we found were completely full crab shells. The ones that you put next to your hear and hear the ocean. I collected about 6 or 7. We were the only ones on the empty beach. It gave you the feeling to just open your arms and spin around like you were living fairy tale in England. The smell of the ocean and fresh air felt so good. I was so happy to escape from the city for a while. This is the first time here in England I felt relaxed and comfortable. I was able to discover myself and let all of the homesick feelings that I had disappear. I have been so worried about money on this trip, and here I decided that I was just going to let all worries lose. And they are. I left the scared worried thoughts carry out in the cold waves. We walked among the beach for miles. It was so empty. There were these huge piles of rocks and dried up coral. You might think that desscribing it as dried up coral it would be hidious, but this was actually really pretty. We walked around the rocks barefoot, and took some pictures. I really loved this. My favorite kind of beaches are the deserted ones that just have the random rocks to make it beautiful. Also there were walls around the beach and all of these were chalk walls. It was really unique. I took some of the chalk back with me. We ended up walking on the bicycle path. I read that there is about a 13 mile bicycle race in Oct. there. There were a few people riding bikes and people walking there dogs. As much as I don't like dogs, I really do like the dogs here. The dogs here have a more classical look. Most of them are shaved really nicely and walk with class. Unlike a lot of American dogs that have a lazy personality. I never thought I would be examining dogs in all my years haha. The beach was so cold but I think that is one of the things I liked best about it. The cold and me wearing my sweatshirt and jeans, made the experience completely different than all my other beach experiences. Kaitlyn and I sat for about 45 mintues just starring out at the English Channel. There were huge fishing boats. I wondered what they were fishing for. It might have been oysters or something like that. We walked about 2 hours in one direction til we were almost at the town Westgate. When we turned around we high tide was hitting. The waves were coming up the bike path extremely high. I could tell that if you feel in the currents and freezing water would kill you in an instance. When we got to the steps that we climbed up on earlier I got a picture of her. Where we were walking on the beach earlier and walking on the rocks was probably about 20 feet deep now. It was crazy. The picture is Kaitlyn standing more than half way down the steps and the water about to hit her feet.
We were so cold and hungry by the time we got back into the town. There was this kiddie playground area. The rides were colorful and machine operated. Everything was closed. There was also a little beach cafe right at the beach. We stopped there and got chicken and chips. (Chips is what they call french fries) they called the chicken southern fried. That's one of the reasons we were craving it. It was actually really good. We were one of the only people eating there. I was so tired on the bus ride home. This day has probably been my favorite day so far in England. I'm ending this post with a bible verse that I found in my backpack while I was there. It is from a little card that me Kaitlyn, and Grandma found on our way back from Knoxville one time when it was raining and we were all crying and upset. This quote is cleared my mind that day and definately did today too while I was at the beach. " Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about and watching everything that concerns you. 1 Peter 5:7

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