Tuesday, October 26, 2010

J'adore Paris

The Louvre
Galeries Lafayette

The Park we walked for miles

Marie Antoinette Gardens and Palace

Pablo Picasso Apartments



Business area where they lived

I can see myself living in Paris oneday. The city was absolutely gorgeous. Every moment of my time there I was in awe. You know those feelings where you just feel so happy there is nothing on your mind but what is around you, well that's how I felt. I would just be looking around seeing the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful French buildings and be like this is "My City" Paris is definately my favorite city, and my favorite place in the world. I sound childish saying this, but it is so true. Before I left I knew that it was the city of my dreams, and when I faced it, it felt perfect.

Well, our journey to Paris was quite an adventure. We ended up traveling 19 hours. Having 3 ferry rides and realizing that the entire border control of both France and England knew who we were. It was just three of us. Kaitlyn, Darette and Me. I will say that within all of this transporting around the majority of the people were very nice to us. They cared about us and wanted to keep us safe. I guess it was because we were 3 young American girls who were scarred and lost. I will write another blog about our story later.

When we finally arrived in Paris Darette's cousin Chin picked us up. It was nice having someone transport us by car. Having a local tour you around is one of the best ways to see a city and I was definately happy to see Paris in this way. Chin took us to his apartments. They were so cool. The name of the apartments were Pablo Pissaco. Their design was so unique. Each building was about 18 stories high and different colors from purple, green, blue, and yellow. The windows were all different shapes. squares, circles, ovals, and random shapes. They were located in the middle of the business district of Paris so all of the surrounding buildings were glass and classy. It was really cool. After we got relaxed we walked to the subway station and rode to see the Effiel Tower. The subway system here was not confusing at all. The only thing that was, was the language barrier, but I found myself starting to understand a lot of french. The Effiel Tower was just how movies pictured it. There is a song that I love called I want to do it all, and some of the lyrics say "see Paris in fall" that has been on my bucket list, and definately being here seeing the fall trees around the tower made me check that off my list. The park beside the tower is nice we saw a wedding as we walked by. We did some shopping around that area of the city, and then us 3 made our way back to the apartment without getting lost. Later that night Chin drove us around Paris at night. It was amazing too!! He drove us everywhere and we saw every little thing that Paris is famous for. Driving around at night was the best part though. Paris is such a lively city and really comes to life at night. Chin would stop the car on the side of the road and we all would jump out and take pictures and look around. We saw Notre Dame, the Opera, Louvre,walked along the Seine river, and so much more. From each direction we saw the Effiel Tower we snapped a picture. The roads in Paris are different. On many of the round abouts there are no lines, so people just drive crazy. In America if we had roads like this there would probably be sooo many deadly wrecks, but here people would just respect people and go with the flow. It really wasn't that big of a hassel. Most of the roads we drove on were rocks. They were really pretty. The last stop we made that night was the Effiel Tower. We went to 3 different locations where we could see it perfectly. It was about midnight when we saw the tower, and at that minute it started lighting up! It was amazing. I felt like I was in a movie again, and everything was planned to arrive at the tower at midnight right when it lit up. I will add the video of the tower lighting up.

The next day we had a full day at the Louvre and Galleries Layfattte, the huge desinger mall!!

The Louvre was the biggest muesum I have ever seen! You could take one full day in a 3rd of it. We saw the Mona Lisa, and there was a room where statues of all of the Gods. It was really pretty. There were huge paintings and also Roman tomb stones, and the great sphinx. While I was walking around I realized that I was in a place that some of the most famous art in the world was located. I had studied this place for years, and I was finally stepping foot through doors. I remember when I was younger probably in the 3rd grade or so and I said when I am in my 20's I will see the Mona Lisa, and that day has come. This reminds me that anything really is possible, and I want to continue experiencing all that life offers to me. I want to live a life with the richest experiences that I can face. We left the louvre and somehow we figured out how to walk towards the Opera to the the Galleries Layfette without getting lost. We ate a little cafe on our way by the opera. It was good and not too expensive. I think we paid about 8 euros a piece. The food was good. Most of the menus we saw served sausage and omlets so that is what we ended up eating. When we got done eating and went outside it was pouring down raining. Everything was flooding. We just started running like the rest of Paris was doing. It started lightning and thundering. That is one thing I will remember is running through a thunderstorm in Paris.We ran so fast across all of the streets but when we got to the mall we were still drenced with water. Once we entered the mall, how wet we were did not matter. There were designer brands everywhere. Prada, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Chanel and so many more. I was in love. Of course I could not buy anything but just looking around at these stores of class my mouth just dropped. The top of the mall is all decorated like a gold globe and they were already starting to get out Christmas things. I felt like I was in one of my dreams, or this place had been in a dream before. We just walked around and looked and looked, there was so much to see.

The next day Chin wanted to bring us to Versailles. I really didn't know what that was, but when we got there and found out that it was Marie Antoinette's Palace I couldn't believe it. This was a place that I had always said I wanted to visit it. It's funny how you end up at a place you always wanted to see with out planning it at all. We went inside the Palace and it was soooo pretty. The only bad thing was the crowd. We were packed like sardenes in there. But the ceilings and chandlers were so pretty to look at. There were these weird Japannesee sculpters there though. They aren't permitly there but I guess they were having an art show for those. They were extremely flower power and it was so awkard to see them in this historic Palace. The Marie Antoinette Gardens were the prettiest thing of the entire Palace. We ended up not going in the main entrance of the Gardens because they were having a show and we had to pay more, so we walked around the town, and Chin spoke french to a man and he showed us another entrance. I was actually happy that we walked this way. If we didnt we would not have seen the beautiful park. This park did not feel real at all. OOH it was seriously the prettiest place I have ever seen. the trees were all lined up in perfectly and we squared off. The leaves were changing and the paths were full with the colors. The path was a straight path that went for miles and you could see straight down it. Turn left or right and it looked the same with the lines of trees perfectly lined up. We walked and walked. There were some horses, sheep, and goats down one path. I think we walked probably for about 3 miles or so down the path. We ended up at the entrance of Marie Antointte's farm. You had to pay extra to enter the farm ,but Chin somehow talked the guy into letting us go in. It was great. Her farm was so cute and pretty. There were little cottagaes everywhere. We kept walking for more miles. My feet were aching so bad, heels were a bad idea to wear!! We walked and walked up the long paths of trees, and ended up closer to the Palace where the rest of the gardens lay. It was gorgeous. There was a straight pond that layed probably a half mile long in the middle and it was surrounded by the greenest grass and white statues of all of Gods stood along both sides of the path. I felt like I was in a fairytale. It was so pretty. My pictures do not show how pretty this was. At one end of the pond there we swans and up the stairs was the palace. There were green gardens like that been cut perfectly like a maze. This place is definately a place to visit if you have time when you are in Paris

I really wish I could be studying in France now. It is one of my favorite places. Paris the place of my dreams, and I would live there in a heartbeat. Maybe oneday!!

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