Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the Blink of an Eye

Tonight I have just been thinking about my experience as a whole in England so far. I have loved this experience but I now find myself saying that I am ready to go home. This isn't because I am homesick. It's just the feeling that if this was vacation it would be over and I would be on the flight back to the US. A few days ago I head about the terrorism travel warning in England for US travelers, and I got really scared. It was a feeling that I never want to have again. I really did not know what to think, but this is all directed to the places that I am at, and the to people like me U. S. residents in England. Over the last few days after talking to family and friends at home and others here I have calmed down with everything. My mom reminded me that God sent me to England for a reason. I may not understand nor did I realize it when it happened but he did send me here, and is watching over me everyday. I am going to continue making the best of my time here and see all that I came here to see without letting fear step in the way.
I feel like I have lost the strong relationship I had with God in the past year. Growing up I started to meet more people who were not Christians. In the past when I was a FCA officer and we were there to encourage the ones who did not know God I said everyone I know is a Christian. I had never meet anyone who wasn't. It was just what we all have grown up with. Now that I have started to travel and be on my own I am meeting people everyday who aren't and realized that I have lost the person I was who had the strong relationship with God. Tonight I started to listen to some of the old christian songs that I would play over and over back in the day like Amazing Grace Our chains are Gone, Word of God Speak, several Jeremey Camp songs, and just felt God's strenght carrying me on. I haven't felt this in such a long time. I am now ready to approach my trip knowing that God is there right beside me the feelings that I had 2 years ago, the ones that I will now never lose again. I have to add the lyrics to this MercyMe song. It describes everything I now see.
You put me here for a reason
You have a mission for me
You knew my name and You called it
Long before I learned to breathe
Sometimes I feel disappointed
By the way I spend my time
How can I further your kingdom
When I'm so wrapped up in mine
In a Blink of an eye that is when
I'll be closer to you than I've been
Time will fly
but until then
I'll embrace every moment I'm given
There's a reason I'm alive
In a Blink of an Eye

My classes have been great so far. That is all I did today is go to pop music and culture class at 9 and advertising class at 3. Advertising is probably my favorite class. We have an hour lecture and then the class in split and there is another hour seminar. I think our professor really favors the Americans. There are only 3 of us, but he loves everything we say. I am able to particapate so much in this class. I know that it is something I will definately do in the future. It rained again today. I think it has rained at least 8 days non stop. My umbrella broke the other night,( it was only a pound and cheap one so I can understand why). I'm going to have to buy me a better umbrella to finish this trip out. Kaitlyn and I are so excited about our birthday. This will be our 2nd birthday that we have had away from home. It is hard, but with friends there and we have each other everything has been ok. We are having birthday party and going out to eat, and prolly to club chemistry. The next day we are taking a trip to the Dover Castle and caves with the people for the study abroad program. I will write about that trip in the next blog. :)

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