Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Time

Well, I haven't had the chance to write about my school work yet. Time is coming to an end and I can't believe I have lived here for 3 months already. This has definately changed my life in so many ways. Tonight in the upstairs kitchen a few of us were talking about how this experience has really taught us more about ourselves, and really opened us up. I think it is natural for this to happen to us after an experience like this one. For me I always imagined that I would visit London and Paris Europe in whole one day but never thought about when that day would be. I am still in this shock factor some days saying I am actually in England. England has been completely different than I imagined. Honestly I did not know what to expect. I did very little research and all I knew was the British literature I studied senior year of high school. There is so much history here. It all really intersts me. Those kings and queens that we studied were not just fairy tales, but these people were real people. All along I knew this, but it never crossed my mind in the right way. I feel now that I can be a local here. I know and understand the tube system. I practically have it memorized. I no longer need a map of London. I understand the history and I feel totally safe here like it is my home. I can see myself living in London oneday. I have realized that out of any city, London is definately my city (not including Nashville of course, it will always be my number one).
I know I am going home as a different person. This is not in a bad way though. I am going home as a more intelligent independent individual. I have faced fears and lived out of my comfort zone. I am starting to understand people and accept that people who are different than me and have lived a different lifestyle are right in their way. I have opened myself up to a world that is not the simple life country life that I grew up with. It is a strange feeling that I am done with my study abroad expereince in England. My writing exams were completed today, and as I was writing I noted that I know more and deeper than I ever thought I would know about comparisons between the US and UK. This was a subject that I never in my life thought about. When the class started in Septemeber I was actually confused because I never thought that it being topic people actually cared about. Now I will probably talk about this topic and the many side discussions dealing with religion, special relationship, and national idenity.
Not only did I learn from these topics, but I was put in a situation that was probably the most uncomfortable place I had ever been in. My entire life being a Christian has been the center point of my life and all of my friends and just everyone that was around. In class one day we were asked a question, Who in here is a Christian, without hesitition I quickly raised my hand. I of course am a christian and I know that I would not be on this trip without God. In the semiar of about 30 or so students only 7 raised their hands. I was speechless. I just wanted to burst out talking about God's faith and what I have seen him do like I talk to my friends or peers at home, but in this class the professor would not call on me, kaitlyn to speak at all. He would see our hands raised and not even acknowledge us. At this time I was just ready to walk out of the room I couldn't believe what people were saying. I felt like they just have never had the opporunity to see what God really has in store. Most of them had never been to church or had anyone speak to them about God and they were sitting there bashing the Christian faith without knowing any knowledge behind it. I wanted to say something about how their belief was wrong, but I thought again and realized that I would be doing the exact same thing they were doing talking and bashing something I have no knowledge about. The class ended with most of the room still opposed to christianity or any faith at all. This was one of the first times I really did not know what to do. Throughout the night I couldn't get it off my mind, and even now I can't. I still do not understand. I do know though that God places you in situtions for reasons and I was placed there that day and it is time for me to find the reasons God put me there. There are clues all around me in my everyday life, and now at the end I really do think I understand.
London is calling my name one last time Friday. I will be going with my advertising class to the muesum of Brands in the Notting Hill area. I'm pretty excited. This advertising class has opened me up in so many different ways than the Modern Britian class. In advertising we worked with the Canterbury BMW mini dealership. If we were to be in this class all year like all of the British students we would be in competition. It is the real deal, a team will get chosen and the dealership will use their agency and advertising ideas. I wish so badly we could be a part of this. We have already worked so hard on our plans, and working with the mini, which is my dream car, has been amazing. The dealership is one of the coolest places I have seen. There is actually mini cooper merchandise inside, and and quotes on the walls really make me crave a mini even more. "It's you mini be Bold" lol and so many more.
Well, I have to give my presenation tomorrow about the Mini, so I am going to bed.
I know now it is time to go home though, something just feels right. I guess it is because I feel fully accomplished.

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