Monday, April 4, 2011

It took leaving alone to understand

I wrote down my thoughts the other day on the train. I wake up every morning and no longer see that peaceful green field where the cows graze and the people pray. I never knew how good I had it down there til I left The city is not me, why do I not leave The long grey trains, fast cars, fast talking people, dark skies, and grey buildings never put me in a stand still. I walk so fast at times I can't breathe. I look around and see no one I know. My body aches for the warmth of a Tennessee sunshine hitting my back. At times I am so happy here, I guess I need to be. I've got so many benefits here: money, work and success. But I am happier with the less All I need is sunshine and an open field and I'll always be content. I don't need those stores, those trains, or even those people. The people that I have always loved and hugged are my loves And they are not here. I am alone. Life in the city versus life in the country. I have chosen both, and I will enjoy my time in both places. Where I am from will always be in my heart. It's my greatest love. And where I'll reside oneday Right now though I've been called to face my fears and see something new. I'll be sad and delighted with joy at times But isn't that what lives all about Just like a cloudy day and sunny day Live each out and don't let a day go wasted Learn from experience and cherish what you love Those are the simple rules in life. It's easier said than done. Your life is in your hands That's what Mamma always told me I am the only one who can make myself happy Take the time to smile because you are truly blessed

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