Monday, April 4, 2011

Random words from my train ride

I stepped off the train. In front of me hundreds of black jackets rushing through the doors not one smile on each face. I'm here in a sparkly purple shirt, I'm sure I stand out like a wildflower in an wmpty field. I just walk with the crowd and say--is this the dream I wanted for so many years. Sometimes your dreams aren't what you always pictured, but it's not time to give up-put that smile back on your face, remember what you were taught and create that happy imagine of you that was in all of your dreams. This is what I tell myself as I sit on the train depressed and scarred. It's ok to be the light in the dark crowd. My ipod started playing the Garth Brooks song, " How you ever gonna know" I never really listened to the words of this song before. These are the lyrics that really caught my attention. "How you ever gonna know if you never take the chance, What it's like when dreams become reality." I just got speechless when I was listening to this...that is so true. Riding the train on a cloudy cold day. As you leave the city everything around is grey no green grass, sunshine or spring flowers like I saw when I left Tennessee a few weeks ago. I left the small town and hit the city for more happiness--but here in the dark city and suburbs on the long grey train it seemed like there was no such thing as happiness. The small town carried so much love that made the happiness feel so special in my heart. What if life had no tears and everything ended with smiles and hugs. Life is full of limitless possibilities you just have to stand and face your fears. You have the world at your finger tips--that is what my sister always says! Take the advantage to find yourself in many places. Explore--we aren't put into this world to stop in one place. These are all just the words that came to my mind while I sat alone on the train the other day. I now take the train ride every other day almost into downtown and somehow I find where I'm supposed to be. I'm am scarred everytime, I'll say that but I step on and step off like I know what I'm doing and go on with my day.

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