Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was laying on a bench in a city park listening to my ipod with my eyes closed. The sun was beating down on me. It felt so good I was in my own world. Nothing on my mind: Just relaxed. Time seemed to be standing still. My purple shirt and long wavy blonde hair made me feel beautiful like a flower in the sunshine. I now sit up and wake up to the world around me. I was done in a peaceful sense for a few minutes. It was the best moments of my life. As I continue sitting here on this bench and look around at the city, the fast paced life became so still and peaceful. Happiness and sunny days are just some of the simple pleasures I love. Over the sound of my ipod I can hear children's laughs. I look behind me and see those innocent faces swinging and sliding while their parents watch with loving smiles. Business mand in suits and college students walk by me one by one. Today they all seem happy. No matter what is on their mind they are just happy to be soaking up a bit of sunshine. The birds fly and chirp. Yellow daffdoals are actually in bloom. Sunshin, it's the cure for a better self esteem. This can be a piece of you that can't be missed. It's ok to walk in the green grass and off the black sidewalks. Let the colors shine, the blue sky and green grass. Let it all bring joy to our hearts. Spring has arrived.

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