Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time to Smell the Flowers

Holy Cow! I was not expecting that temperature change! Woah! That was my first thoughts today on the train. Well I'm sitting on the train typing this blog in my phone notes so I don't forget my thoughts. Lately I'm really realizing no one has life figured out. That's why people quote to you, "It's your life and you are in control" I think I say this a lot in my blogs, but it is so true. One of the truest quotes that you should remember and follow. I still have many problems following this quote. I understand it, but in the midst of my busy life I forget this and worry to much of the unnecessary.
Everyone has different thoughts on what's the best way to live. Stay in a close knit community or branch out and see the world. Not one is correct. I hear many speakers at different conferences I attend say that to branch out and see the world! It will lead you to an amazing life and will make your life complete. I do believe these speakers when I hear them. Get out of your comfort zone at least once in your life, see the world and find yourself in new surroundings as well as get connections that will lead you to many places. These inspiritual speakers help us who want these things strive harder for them and not give up. But there are those of you in the world who do not want this lifestlye. You like what you have in life and you are blessed with everything you could wish for even if it's not much. I am so excited to know that those of you who are like this are so happy and content with your simple life. I am jealous of you. This is what I am getting to, it is releveant in your life to branch and see the world, but not everyone is striving for that lifestyle. I've been living this way and I have realized the best moments of your life will be those times when you are surrounded by love and happiness. Hope and Inspiration. No matter what you are doing in your life find time for love and time to smell the flowers.

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