Friday, May 27, 2011

God is calling will you listen?

I am listening and I am following his lead. It may be hard, but he is holding me strong. I have shed tears but in the end I hope to touch more hearts than the tears I shed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Train Adventures of 2011

I was going to right 3 separate blogs about these train adventures because they all have a different outlook, but I have decided to combine them. All I can say right now is that in my life I am definately free to be me! Half of the time I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm happy doing anything. I have realized lately that I am always having a positive outlook on life. When something goes wrong I turn it around and I say the simple answer in my head..."It's all ok" "Everything works out somehow" The song free to be me, goes" I got a couple dents in my fender, rips in my jeans, when I try to put the pieces together perfection is my enemy" No song can explain my life right now anymore than this one. My Chicago experience I have been living the past 4 months is about to come to an end. Summer is just around the corner. I am so excited to be home, but I know it is an amazing feeling when I say I kinda wish I could stay here longer. I am finally getting comfortable. I'm finally able to be myself with my roommates, and I'm finally happy here. I am on a good path. I know when I leave this city and head to my TN home for the summer I have accomplished another journey in my life. I have accomplished the time to move off by myself. I have found myself more than ever. It makes me just want to smile everyday. When I am sitting on that hour train ride I no longer look out of the window and cry at the depression of the dark gray gloomy buildings. I look at them as an adventure that I have conquered! Lately my train rides have been very interesting. I got on the train one morning at 6:00 am. Getting on the train this early is confusing. What I did not understand was that there was more than one train that stops and leaves at my station. That morning I ended up getting on the wrong train. I stepped on the train looked around and saw only homeless peoeple...what in the world I thought as I looked out the window and noticed several people still standing outside on the sidewalk. Why did they not get on. I know they are going into the city. Well, have you ever wanted to jump off a moving train. I did that morning . As soon as the trian began to move I reread the train schedule and noticed that I was not on the express train. I was on the train that stopped at every stop I would not get into the city until 2hours later and I would definately be way late! I looked at the conductor man and all he said was sorry.....well I ended up finding my way. I didnt freak out like most people who know me would think I would. I causally got off when I could and got on another train. That was me...The small town girl trying to find her way...all confused I did it and made it to where I was supposed to be that day. My internship is actually going really great. Last week they had a photoshoot with Red Heart Yarn. It was really cool. They had a trailer and everything and the stylist came from New York. I love learning about all of these different jobs. Not only did they have a photoshoot that day, but they had a DVD filming for their new book. and a trunk show at Macy's Downtown Chicago. All of this was really great! Moving on to the next train experience I have yet to right about. I will dedicate this to all of the nice people in the world. I appreciate kindness. I had a nice conversation on the train with a stranger. This lady was so nice. Most people do not talk to others or even make eye contact with each other while on the train. This lady overheard me talking to my dad on the phone. She turned around and said you are from the south aren't you. And we began talking about how it is way different than the north, but how I am really enjoying my experience. She told me once live in Virgina and loved it because it was so beautiful. Not only was this lady nice but the conductor lady on the train has been extremely friendly. She is always happy and smiley. As we get off the train even if there is 50 people getting off one car she will tell everyone individually to have a good day. She knows how to make her job fun. She is a great example on how to make a job good. It is so true that everything can be turned around and made better and there is a way to have fun with everything.