Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hold on for one more day

Hold on for one more day, I had to make myself have this mindset throughout the last two terms at school. I did it though! I held on and I finished. I accomplished this other step in my life. The first time to move off by myself. The first time to live without my sister. We both did it. I am as proud of her as I am of myself. It is my last night living in Seybert Hall at North Central College. There is no air conditioner and I think it is about 90 degrees outside, but we are enjoying our time. Everything has fallen into place since I decided at last minute to finish my education 8 hours away from home at North Central. I was placed in the last room open on campus and my roommates ended up being 3 of my best friends from last year. My major and classes are starting to all fall into place ( even though at times I can't understand a thing especially math) it all feels right. I have met amazing people and became better friends with others. I have tried so many new things and opened myself up to view things in a cultured aspect rather than my conservative TN point of view. I have traveled to the city,found my way around and been scared to death. I have worked with my dream and role models. I have seen snow, rain, and even the hottest of sunshines. And what I am saying now, although that summer is beginning all of this is just beginning. This was the intro and turning point that this chapter in my life has, I am ready for more adventure that awaits me here in Chicago. Life is good. I found myself saying this over and over again the past few weeks. With a smile on my face I just say life is pretty good right now. I was told by someone the other day that I am very optimistic, I'm glad that shows in me, because if it shows in me I hope that others will catch my vibe and look at life in an optimisitc way. Love you all! and Good night!