Thursday, September 22, 2011


A smile, a laugh, a hug, a fun dance. When you have found those friends you can share all of this with you have found happiness. Friendship is something special that you don't want to loose. I'm sure we all have been through those times when you thought someone was your friend and then you were completely stabbed in the back, let's just hope you were not that person who did the stabbing, if so don't be afraid to go find that individual and say sorry. Ask yourself, "Was that really me, who said those mean words, or gave those rude faces? If it was you, then I have no words to fix you, you are who you are, and I'm sure you will find friends.
But on the other hand, I somewhat got off subject a second ago, I am writing this because I'm talking about genuine friendship. I quote my mom all the time, but that is because she is so true in what she says. My mom always told me you meet your best friends in college. I am now beginning my third year, and I can truly say I def. met some of the most amazing people. The two girls I am rooming with now, couldn't be truer friends to me. We share laughs, family stories. I already feel I am part of each of their families. We share fashion advice, drama, personal secrets and more. We have lived together for one week and I feel like I have gained two more sisters. They just always lift me up when I'm down, and I do the same for both of them. We put quotes on our wall. Over the mirror we put quotes about being beautiful inside and out. On another way we put some of our favorite song quotes, and in the bathroom we are putting inspritautional quotes. I love how these two girls love quotes just as much as I do. We are all different but we collide in the most amazing ways. Other friends I have met during college have also been amazing. A good friend becomes a role model. I look up to what my friends are doing here. All of them are so very talented whether it be in the Arts and Music department, Science fields, young business owners, leaders and christians, and athlethes. I have a good friend in each of these fields at the school, and the best part is, I can picture this person in my head and automatically know I can count on them if I was in trouble or needed something.
Away from school, there is this say, "You find out who your true friends are when you move away and come back" This could not be any truer than those words to me. My eyes can tear up because of this. I have 5 very best friends. These five people showed their mark in my friendship by always being supportive and never loosing touch. We all live COMPLETELY different lives! But somehow we manage to work through and have that same love. The love of friendship is special. It's a different type of love you get from your family, or from your significant other. It's how I started this blog out, a smile, laugh, hug and dance. It's hard to explain but you know it when you feel it.

Monday, September 5, 2011


It sounds like a song
A joyful song?
A sad song?
A song of heartbreak?
A love song?
Today it was all
As each raindrop fell on the windshields a story was told
Behind each door there is a journey
And this was a door that was opened many years ago that never was fully explored
The door never shut but as months and days then years went by it slowly closed
There was a crack left, the door knew it couldn’t close completely just yet
Two hearts met long ago and they meet again.
Time was not waiting this time
They didn’t move fast, but they jumped in this together
Life now had a new meaning, and a new path to take
This course was not what was planned, but much much better
It was the start to that song filled with joy, sadness heartbreak and love.
Why would such a love story be filled with all of these things,
When one heart meets another one they protect and live for each.
Two lives have now become one together.
The rain hits each car window as they drive to the middle.
Hearts pounding as they drive slower and slower
Each mile had a different meaning. There was no second guessing that the love would end
Two hearts still miles apart.
Up and down hills, around curves, through wind and rain.
It’s better to be safe than sorry,
You realize what you have once it’s gone,
But you never know what you have till it arrives
It has not arrived yet, but holding strong
Knowing it will soon.
It was meant to be, God has a plan
And he kept these hearts safe that rainy day.
Each raindrop fell
Each song was played
Each step was taken
Love will arrive

Love Run

I run I run for glory?
I run for the sake to see the world?
I run I run away from pain?
I won’t give up,
This is really part of my life journey
It’s an adventure I love

Where is the love in my adventure
The Cinderella love story I have wished for
The story I pictured when I was just a girl
When will I find it
It seems that I never will

The love lies deep in the hearts
You see the couples holding hands
Taking pictures and looking so cute
I run I don’t think I’m running from love
But I can’t find it anywhere

Ive been to London, Paris, and New York City
Of thousands of people
In the most romantic places
Why is it no where in sight.
I must keep running?

I won’t give up
They say it happens when you least expect it
Should I stop looking
I don’t think I’m actually looking
Just having fun?

I am running for glory?
I am running to see the world
I am running with pain behind me
It won’t put me down
I won’t give up

I have found love
It’s in the hearts of the people I meet
The man that smiles as he is walking down a busy street
The little boy that held the door open for a crowd at the resturant
The woman holding her new baby
My mom, my sister, my dad and my friends

Love is all around,
It’s around every corner
You just can’t let it pass you by
Whether is romantic or friendship
The heartache is healed
With an open eye.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Train Adventure of 2011

There are days when something is telling you not to do something, well I have experienced many of these days.The last week of school one of these days really hit me hard. This is how the day went: I was supposed to take the Metra Train one last time to Chicago that morning. For my internship I was going to help at the Double Stitch Book signing. The twins had told me I was not required to be there, but in my mind I wanted to finish all out with them, because I had a rewarding experience throughout the semester. The morning I was going to head out to the city, I was extremely tired, stressed, and knew I had to study hard for my final exams. I wasn't making the best grades in 2 of my classes and my tests were the next day. I decided I was not going to go. One: I had to study and Two: I really didn't have the extra $10 to get there.
My day was great. I ended up studying outside with Sarah, one of my best friends. As we were sitting outside she told me about a train wreck with the Metra Trains. I was shocked, seriously I have been riding the train almost everyday and I felt completely safe. I never thought they had wrecks. I guess I decided I had to put trust in these engines. The only transportation I was cautious of at this time was cars, and that was only because a good family friend of ours had just died in a terrible car wreck. After this I had no trust in any car.
Well now I was being told that one of the Metra trains had collided with another one. The time this happened was the same train I would have been on that day. I would have been on that train, alone heading to Chicago. I couldn't get that out of my thoughts. I decided at last minute I wasn't going that morning, I don't know why but those are the moments when you know God is really watching over you. The little thoughts in your head you may not listen to some days are words from the Lord. Those are the doors he has for us. Some doors are smaller than others and all have different meanings, but you know you we are led certain directions somedays. We may never know why, but we can truly say I'm blessed that I was.