Thursday, September 22, 2011


A smile, a laugh, a hug, a fun dance. When you have found those friends you can share all of this with you have found happiness. Friendship is something special that you don't want to loose. I'm sure we all have been through those times when you thought someone was your friend and then you were completely stabbed in the back, let's just hope you were not that person who did the stabbing, if so don't be afraid to go find that individual and say sorry. Ask yourself, "Was that really me, who said those mean words, or gave those rude faces? If it was you, then I have no words to fix you, you are who you are, and I'm sure you will find friends.
But on the other hand, I somewhat got off subject a second ago, I am writing this because I'm talking about genuine friendship. I quote my mom all the time, but that is because she is so true in what she says. My mom always told me you meet your best friends in college. I am now beginning my third year, and I can truly say I def. met some of the most amazing people. The two girls I am rooming with now, couldn't be truer friends to me. We share laughs, family stories. I already feel I am part of each of their families. We share fashion advice, drama, personal secrets and more. We have lived together for one week and I feel like I have gained two more sisters. They just always lift me up when I'm down, and I do the same for both of them. We put quotes on our wall. Over the mirror we put quotes about being beautiful inside and out. On another way we put some of our favorite song quotes, and in the bathroom we are putting inspritautional quotes. I love how these two girls love quotes just as much as I do. We are all different but we collide in the most amazing ways. Other friends I have met during college have also been amazing. A good friend becomes a role model. I look up to what my friends are doing here. All of them are so very talented whether it be in the Arts and Music department, Science fields, young business owners, leaders and christians, and athlethes. I have a good friend in each of these fields at the school, and the best part is, I can picture this person in my head and automatically know I can count on them if I was in trouble or needed something.
Away from school, there is this say, "You find out who your true friends are when you move away and come back" This could not be any truer than those words to me. My eyes can tear up because of this. I have 5 very best friends. These five people showed their mark in my friendship by always being supportive and never loosing touch. We all live COMPLETELY different lives! But somehow we manage to work through and have that same love. The love of friendship is special. It's a different type of love you get from your family, or from your significant other. It's how I started this blog out, a smile, laugh, hug and dance. It's hard to explain but you know it when you feel it.

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