Monday, September 5, 2011

Love Run

I run I run for glory?
I run for the sake to see the world?
I run I run away from pain?
I won’t give up,
This is really part of my life journey
It’s an adventure I love

Where is the love in my adventure
The Cinderella love story I have wished for
The story I pictured when I was just a girl
When will I find it
It seems that I never will

The love lies deep in the hearts
You see the couples holding hands
Taking pictures and looking so cute
I run I don’t think I’m running from love
But I can’t find it anywhere

Ive been to London, Paris, and New York City
Of thousands of people
In the most romantic places
Why is it no where in sight.
I must keep running?

I won’t give up
They say it happens when you least expect it
Should I stop looking
I don’t think I’m actually looking
Just having fun?

I am running for glory?
I am running to see the world
I am running with pain behind me
It won’t put me down
I won’t give up

I have found love
It’s in the hearts of the people I meet
The man that smiles as he is walking down a busy street
The little boy that held the door open for a crowd at the resturant
The woman holding her new baby
My mom, my sister, my dad and my friends

Love is all around,
It’s around every corner
You just can’t let it pass you by
Whether is romantic or friendship
The heartache is healed
With an open eye.

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