Monday, September 5, 2011


It sounds like a song
A joyful song?
A sad song?
A song of heartbreak?
A love song?
Today it was all
As each raindrop fell on the windshields a story was told
Behind each door there is a journey
And this was a door that was opened many years ago that never was fully explored
The door never shut but as months and days then years went by it slowly closed
There was a crack left, the door knew it couldn’t close completely just yet
Two hearts met long ago and they meet again.
Time was not waiting this time
They didn’t move fast, but they jumped in this together
Life now had a new meaning, and a new path to take
This course was not what was planned, but much much better
It was the start to that song filled with joy, sadness heartbreak and love.
Why would such a love story be filled with all of these things,
When one heart meets another one they protect and live for each.
Two lives have now become one together.
The rain hits each car window as they drive to the middle.
Hearts pounding as they drive slower and slower
Each mile had a different meaning. There was no second guessing that the love would end
Two hearts still miles apart.
Up and down hills, around curves, through wind and rain.
It’s better to be safe than sorry,
You realize what you have once it’s gone,
But you never know what you have till it arrives
It has not arrived yet, but holding strong
Knowing it will soon.
It was meant to be, God has a plan
And he kept these hearts safe that rainy day.
Each raindrop fell
Each song was played
Each step was taken
Love will arrive

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