Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Call

It's been a while.. I will now continue writing my blogs of my ups and downs in college. I write this not for myself, but for the readers to remember that we are all walking our individual path's in life. Like always I will start off with one of my favorite quotes, Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. "As many of you, I live off quotes. We go to sites like Pinterest and scroll through each picture (many which are motivational quotes) and say to ourselves "That's my life" "That's perfect for me" etc. You know you do it.
Lately I have really been able to find myself. It's the last term of my junior year here at North Central and I feel like I finally belong. As you read the blogs below this you will see many many times where I wrote I don't belong and I'm lost in the dark skies and fast talking people. In all though, I realized I have to stay true to myself and true to my faith in the Lord and finally let my tears dry up. This year has been one hectic year, crazier than the past two, and while my life was caios ( can't spell) I found myself smiling more and more. There comes a time when you accept where you are and why God has put you there. I have told myself I will not shut the doors without entering them and I will live for the rain and the sun. This year alone I started a new major that changed my life, Global Studies. Of course, I love to travel. Again as you read during my 2nd year of college I studied abroad. Overall, best experience of my life! Changed my life for the better and told me that I want to see the world. This was my introduction to traveling as a student and seeing many of the world-known tourist attractions. The places in history books that I thought I would never see I saw. When I visited these place it was like a magical dream. This fun learning experience made me want to pursue a Global Studies major. Yes, at first I had no idea what this was. I just saw the word global, and thought, yep! sounds perfect! My first advanced global studies class International Law, shocked me to death! It was hard and extremely challenging. I had never spoken to anyone in those proper political terms. I had no idea what I was reading. The first week of class I knew I was in way over my head. It seemed like everyone in my class wanted to be a lawyer and were already well-educated on world issues and all the domestic laws in the U.S. that I was unfamiliar with. I had the best professor I could wish for though and he helped me along the way. The issue of human rights for women and children sparked my interest more than any of the other subjects. maritime law, international sea boundaries etc..again..nah..not my thing. Human Rights though, sparked my interest because I have always had the concern to help those less-fortunate than me. The stories of child soldiers, and women of Congo broke my heart. I wanted to jump right into helping these people. I am blessed that continuous global studies classes slowed me down a bit. I was able to educate myself before I jumped in too fast and brought harm. Other issues I have studied and continue to pursue are human trafficking ( I am currently volunteering at WAR Chest boutique, an organization that provides safe homes around the world to women who are at risk or those who have been trafficked. Also I being a faithful adovocate for social justice on domestic and international levels. I had the opportunity to attend a conference in DC called Ecumenical Advocacy Days. This conference changed my life. Again, while attending this conference I could not have been blessed enough to have already taken global studies classes that introduced me to each subject matter that the conference covered from globalization of material goods, justice issues, as well as international boundary topics. All I can say is, wow.. this has all been a rocky path with everyday life events ( sister getting married, failing grades, deaths) triumphing over my new studies. I am still finding my way to the path that God is leading me too. That is the purpose of this blog, I am finally answering God's call that I have seen since my freshmen year of college while attending Exploration, a United Methodist Student Ministry conference. I see a call to ministry for my future. I want to continue following this call with travel and performing missionary work to build justice around the world to my friends, my family and overall to my family of God.

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