Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yes, I'm going to talk about the leadership awards that I just witnessed at my North Central College campus. I am over joyed right now to thank that the every award honored tonight was based off servant leadership. Servant leadership meaning-- individuals demonstrating the characteristics of empathy, listening, stewardship and commitment to personal growth toward others-- I am surrounded everyday by people with big hearts. We may be in the Chicago suburbs where our environment could be classified as or was once classified as, "The American Dream" atmosphere. 
During my experience at North Central I have found myself lost and alone, and constantly saying as stated in the previous blogs that I want to leave here as fast as I can and be in a place I belong. The reason I felt lost is because everything seemed too perfect for me. Growing up in a community of the majority of blue collar workers and coming to school in a privileged  private liberal arts school I was in my words lost in the perfection and the endless opportunities. Over the years I have gotten to know some incredible people here and I have realized we each carry stories. These are the stories that make up the servant leader frame North Central performs. I have become friends with students of different cultures. My freshman year I remember the theme being diversity at North Central. I became friends with those students from China, Japan, Vietnam. I have begun to listen to them as they tell me about their homeland. I see these students still honoring their home buy organizing fundraisers for the Earthquake and Tsunami that happened in 2011 in Japan. I have met an incredible individual from the Congo that has opened a school in his African community for the children to receive a better education. Along with this he has partnered with many North Central student organizations and is beginning to make this a campus wide event. He has definitely displayed the action of the famous African Proverb, "If you are going to go fast go alone, but if you are going far go together." He may be far from his home but he has taken his community with him here and take North Central back to the Congo. There are students at North Central who lead and participate in various service trips on the global and domestic foundation. All striving the better the life of others and reach justice. I have become friends with those who attend trips to Hati on yearly basis and bring their stories back to North Central as well as those who travel to Ok, AL, LA, NY, WV, FL, PA, VA and probably many more places to do the hands on work of the servant leader. These people have inspired me. There are others who strive for justice actions and perform a different scale of servant leadership work, the advocates. In all, each type of person I have met at this school inspires me. Although, being at North Central is not quite what I want to do in my life as being a servant I have learned a nice framework to my goals of the work of making a difference in the life of others. My passion is to live in the environment of the ones I'm helping. In this case may require me to live in the inter city and what many people may say a dangerous area. ...Quote. As stated, I have during my experience at North Central became friends with those people from these environments I hope to one day live for. These friends of mine are the ones who brought the initiation I want to take with my service. I see how they feel privileged to live in Naperville, IL and go get a college education at a school like North Central, and what I can do for them is take what they have gave me and their stories to go out of this comfort zone. I was once out of the comfort zone in this historic perfect suburb town and now that I feel at home I know it is soon time for me to graduate and take all I have learned from this diverse family and serve the world again. I have served by this community by living in the environment here in Naperville and I hope my way of serving has been motivational to those around me. They have taught me many things about life and world that I will take with me. I have one more year here, and I will cherish this family and work hard to finish my journey of serving in the suburbs. No matter where you are in the world and how privileged one environment is over the other there is always a need for hope and perseverance for the community.