Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hey! I'm a college grad

I'm sitting here in Ohio, I'm a college graduate, I have a small job, I'm still searching for a good job. I've had a few interviews. I actually have a phone interview tomorrow! Crossing my fingers for this one! This is what is going through my head constantly. How many other recent college grads feel the same way? I really hope most of you do, because if not I would think something is wrong with me...
I started this blog my freshman year of college when I moved from small town in Tennessee to the suburb of Chicago. Moving to the suburb (Naperville) my chance to say I'm finally living in a city, little did I know Naperville was def. not the Chicago experience I had dreamed of living. Now that I have completed my 4 years of undergrad, I ask myself what is next? What other rule of life should I accomplish? I have grown to realize that there are no exact rules in the way you should live your life. Just because I was told you go to school, get a degree, then get a good job doesn't mean that is the best way to go about your life. This summer I have decided to enjoy the 2-3 month period of not working everyday. I will most likely never have this time again. I have been living it out in Chicago: going biking on lakeshore trail, shopping (or mostly window shopping on Oak Street), sleeping in, swimming laps, laying out on the beach, sewing, traveling to see family members, concerts in the park, volunteering with several urban ministries.. job application, job application after job application. I assume starting September I will be working full time, but just because I always started school in late August/ September doesn't mean I initially need to follow that schedule. I most likely will, because for my mindset to fill more accomplished I would be working, but again there is no set schedule to completely live. It very much is a strange feeling.
     This blog was started to create a book of blogs for a college student, now that I have completed my undergrad career at North Central College, I will continue to bring rich experiences and advice to my friends from the other side of the spectrum.. from the perspective of a day in the life of a college grad.


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